AFP Statement re reported P100K Bounty

There was no such announcement made by the AFP on the reported 100 Thousand Pesos Reward Money for every member of terrorist NPA. Just as there is no existing AFP policy governing such rewards, the AFP denies allocating such amount for such purpose.

The reported reward that was attributed to the AFP could be that which was put up by local government of Negros Occidental and stakeholders in the province for any information that will lead to the neutralization of terrorists, members of illegal drugs syndicates and other organized crime groups to include bandit groups like the New People’s Army that perennially victimize local residents and businesses.

This was the LGU’s and some civic entities’ response to the repulsive terrorist atrocities by syndicated groups feeding on helpless civilians and businessmen who have become fed up with the NPA’s criminal acts.

That the recourse taken by the local government and their partner-stakeholders may help boost the AFP’s fight to counter these terrorists and syndicated criminals is only incidental.

 But we appreciate their valiant stand against these menaces to society. That manifests theirs and stakeholders’ united resolve to protect their constituents and residents. That was intended to solidify support for and engender cooperation with government to counter these terrorist-bandit-organized crime groups.

It was shown in many instances in the past –the recent ones being in Bohol, Cebu and Palawan– that the cooperation, vigilance, and active involvement of local government, the citizenry, and the stakeholders can help prevent or resolve quickly any attempts to disrupt the peace and the onslaught of development in their localities.

They can, by their concerted efforts to secure their communities, shield the peace dividends from the clutches of evil.



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