Sen. Grace Poe today said millennials can be effective drivers in shaping the future of the country and can revolutionize their talents through the aid of available technology to inspire people and empower the youth sector.

Speaking at the Unilab Foundation’s National Youth Forum on Public Health in Pasig City, Poe said the youth should wisely and responsibly use available technology, such as the Internet and social media, to press policymakers to pass key legislation that affect their sector.

“Legislators and the youth can work hand in hand to effectively address concerns and issues. But you need to organize yourselves and let your voices be heard,” said Poe.
Poe said millennials have made the Internet their “home” and social media their “lifeblood” and as such, can use their curiosity and skills to tap these as tools to promote the interest of the community. 

And with the recent passage of Republic Act No. 10929 or the Free WiFi in Public Places Act, of which Poe is a co-sponsor, millennials can have easier access to several web platforms to bring about change.
Poe said the youth can be a “positive force” for transformational change. She said that in many countries that have undergone major socio-political developments, young people have shown to be a part of, if not leading, the movement for change and challenging traditional power structures. 
“Tell your congressmen and senators that we need to pass laws like the FOI [Freedom of Information] bill. And when this bill becomes a law, use it to empower your sector,” said Poe, principal sponsor of the measure.

Based on a 2016 report by the World Bank, the millennial generation constitutes the biggest population demographic in the country today, as those aged 15 to 30 years old comprise 28.5 million of the Philippine population. 

“Given these numbers, the youth can certainly be a force to reckon with,” the senator said, adding that the entire community benefits when the youth are engaged in meaningful decision-making or governance.

August 12 is the International Youth Day.

Poe likewise prodded the youth leaders to help advocate for her two important nutrition measures–the First 1,000 Days and the School-Feeding Program–so that each Filipino child is provided an equal chance to get ahead and succeed in life.
At the same time, Poe commended the program for giving young people the opportunity and platform to create and pursue innovative solutions to address pressing health issues in their communities through the Ideas Positive nationwide competition. 


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